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World BikeTrial Indoor Cup 2015

The World BikeTrial Indoor Cup 2015 will be held in Barcellona the 03rd of October 2015 in the all over the world famous water falls Montjuic square.

BikeTrial, is a sport born in Catalunya, and this year for the second edition, the World BikeTrial Indoor Cup will be held in one of the most important locations of the city: the Barcelona water…


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World BikeTrial Championship 2015 - Results and Photos - Round 1

Check out the Round 1 results of the World BikeTrial Championship held in Odena, Spain.

Results - Round 1

Photos - Round 1…


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BikeTrial Malaysia Or Maybe just BikeTrial Bangi?

I don't know what is happening in the Malaysian BikeTrial scene any more. It has been too long since I even got on a trial bike... the last time was in Sep 2012. My regular riding buddies are MIA and I can't even contact them. 

Recently in June, a bunch of friends from Singapore dropped by and I took them riding in Shah Alam. You can check out the photos and videos here: …


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Trial Riders Needed !

Hi my name is Marko Dimitrijevic, I work with Streets United /

We are world leading provider of urban arts sports and entertainment. We are currently expanding our operations in your region and we are looking for talented trial riders to perform at events. Our clients are some of the biggest brands I the world (please see website)

Anybody who is professional (or very close to) trial rider can e-mail me 2x video links as…


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F/S...NEW 2011 Specialized Epic Comp Carbon 29er.........$2,500USD,2008 TREK Fuel EX 9.5 Bike $2000USD..

EUROBIKE LTD. We sell all models of Cannondale, Cervelo, Ellsworth, Giant, Jamis, Klein, Kona, Litespeed, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, Whyte, Marin, GT, Specialized, Trek and Gary Fisher Bikes.

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Selling Rockman Manus 20inch

Attached the link for details. No crack or dent.
lookin at RM3500. Nego

Thanks mate

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Bike Trial Restart on the 26" Echo

For more than two months after I sold my 20" Monty, I have not been riding. Last weekend, I managed to get back to trials again on my 26" Echo. It was extremely tiring and I felt really clumsy handling the 26". All this while, I have been training and riding the 20".

In fact, I was trying to sell my Echo 26" for a while now, thinking that I could then focused on…


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Observed Trials

Its end of the year and most of us are on year end holiday. Its time to gather thoughts and renew old interest or set goals for new ones to correspond with the global economic uncertainties.

Being at the beginning of my fifties, hobby wise I am still energetic and continue to search for adventures. Biking both motorized and human powered is still very much in me. I fell in love with cycling and motorcycling since I was a teenager. In my early years,my exposure to offroad biking was through… Continue

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Moto trials

Hi Guys,I ve not been posting lately because Aris is doing all the updating of his progress in biketrials in this forum.

I can see lots of potential in this sport in our country. We have been travelling around with the family during our free time and Aris doing his own promotion by practicing in public spots(some form of indirect roadshows)to further introduce the sport to the public.

Biketrials is an offshoot of moto trials. Ot Pi is a descendant of the Pi family who established… Continue

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Singapore Round 4 result

Singapore Rd4 resultsPlease use WINDOWS PICTURES AND FAX VIEWERS

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Singapore 09 National BikeTrial Championship - Round 3

The Round 3 of the Singapore 2009 National BikeTrial Championship was held in Bukit Batok Town Park on Oct 4th. I was there to capture the event on photos and videos.

For this round, a couple of things stand out and affected the overall competition; the format and the…


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Searching distributors in Asia and North America

We are K-124, a French bicycle brand group, seeking the distributors in Asia zone and North America.

As a matter of fact, our bikes are competition-oriented and we are the owner of several brands- Koxx, Koxx One, Try All, 24 Bicycles, French ID, Stone Edge, Yaabaa, A Bad Thing - therefore, we will do our best to combine the components of a bike with different brands referring to your requests as well as offer you the best price.

Our turnover in 2008:

5,000 Complete… Continue

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Here is the place to get my 1st Monty Trial Bike

Where did you get your 1st trial bike. I finally found THERE

USJ Cycles ( The time I bought it already last few units left.

The boss told me that, this bike is limited and not easy to get any bicycle shop. If you looking the trial bike 20"

I think the manager just have a monty 218Kamel. Completely made by alluminum material, very very light and from small chainwheel, just nice for me to JUMP over the obstacle. Haha. Just kidding, biginner only. List price… Continue

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Learning Pedal Kick and Zap Tap

This was original posted in my other blog on 29th June 09.

Last Saturday I decided to reward myself by getting a new pair of 661 shin guards from TTDI's KSH Bike shop. My old shin guards (which I have repaired many times over) have saved me from much agony and I felt that aside from the helmet, they were the most important equipment for learning biketrial...…


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Aris biketrials

..............and to you too, Jack. Sell me your 26 " and I shall start practicing too he he he.Sorry Syarul,I mistype your name.

Added by wan razali on June 24, 2009 at 11:23pm — 3 Comments

Aris biketrials

Been sometimes since my last post. I have met Shahrul and brought my two sons with me to be introduced. In such a short period of time(abt 1 month since)my eldest son has won his first competition in Singapore. Great is it not?. No, actually Im glad he has someone to train with and shows/corrects him in his moves. Aris has been a sporting boy since he was 4 yrs old.He holds a black belt(poms) in tae kwon do since he was nine,the youngest among Malaysians(me think). He is into rugger and other… Continue

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Things I learned from participating in a BikeTrial Competition

This was original posted in my other blog in March 09.

First off, why did I participate in a BikeTrial competition? Firstly, I want to see what it feels like to ride a section other than the ones I setup myself... LOL. Secondly, I can learn so much from so many riders by just watching them ride a section, and then trying myself. Thirdly and most importantly, it is…


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Forget Natural or Urban, Learn the Techniques First

In my previous blog post I have been talking about setting up a semi permanent BikeTrial training ground using wooden pallets or any other suitable materials. I have been trying to convey this idea to various friends and riders. Unfortunately, most of them do not feel the same way... LOL. But some of the responses were very supportive... :-)

The most common responses I received were that they…


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biketrial scene in Malaysia

Im really glad to have met someone who is really interested in the sport of biketrials in Malaysia. Shahrul is really genuine in promoting the sport. I hope the locals boys would take up this opportunity to learn the rope of riding trials and maybe compete in future International biketrials competitions. It might be too late for me to compete but Im encouraging my sons to take it up seriously. What we need now is to have a weekly group riding where we can progress faster by learning from each… Continue

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Learning the Side Hop

I have been trying to learn the "side hop" for the longest time. Ever since Oct 23 last year, I have been trying and trying and trying... to learn this elusive skill.

During that time, I basically did what I called the "chicken" side hop... LOL. Basically, I just pulled the handlebar up and backward to pivot back, and then hopped onto the wooden pallet. It looked nothing like the Ryan Leech's…


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