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BIU 2009 China Ping Tang World BikeTrial Championship

The 18th BIU 2009 World Biketrial Championship, China (Ping Tang)
Location Ping Tang National Geopark, China
Dates August 27th– 28th 2009
Organizer Ping Tang Government
Authorized by Biketial International Union (BIU)
Support provided by Biketrail China (Xbreaker Sports)

Ping Tang is pleased to announce that our county has been chosen by BikeTrial International Union to host China Round of BIU 18th World BikeTrial Championship.

Ping Tang is located in Gui Zhou province of China, where is famous for typical South Karsts terrain, Ping Tang National Geopark is a Natural Beauty full of different kinds of rocks, waterfalls and plants along the river. Ping Tang government had held BIU 2008 World BikeTrial Cup in the National Geopark and made a great success. For developing BikeTrial sports in China, Ping Tang will hold BIU the 18th World BikeTrial Championship China round on 27th and 28th August in 2009, welcome all friends to this world BikeTrial pageant and make the sports spread further.

Please refer to the attached Brochures for more information.

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