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Bringing Observed Trials to Malaysia

Its end of the year and most of us are on year end holiday. Its time to gather thoughts and renew old interest or set goals for new ones to correspond with the global economic uncertainties.
Being at the beginning of my fifties, hobby wise I am still energetic and continue to search for adventures. Biking both motorized and human powered is still very much in me. I fell in love with cycling and motorcycling since I was a teenager. In my early years,my exposure to offroad biking was through reading bike magazines and watching movies. I even subscribed to motorcycle magazines from UK during my lower secondary. I started riding my bicycle offroad while dreaming of riding a dirt bike long before mountain biking was invented in the US, in Marin County to be exact. MTB pioneers like Gary Fisher,Ritchey and few others developed MTB from road bicycles just like what a few friends and I did right here in Malaysia,In Trengganu to be exact.
Riding bicycles offroad progressed to riding scramblers in the 70s and early 80s,we tried to emulate our observed trials heroes to ride slowly over obstacles,pulling wheelies to clear streams and hill climbings.We very much understand what observed trials was all about.
Brought forward to the 90s,MTBs were available locally hence began my quest for real mountain biking and riding difficult trails like the original Kiara trails before it was modified and groomed for downhillers where speed and stunts is everything. I shifted to road biking in my 40s,sensing that I ran out of natural trail to ride in the nearby accessible locations.
Now in my fifties. My eldest son picked it up where I left off in observed trials. He loves biketrials and shamelessly I dare say he is good at it. He has won a couple of competitions and even travelled overseas to compete.I am giving him all the support and going to compliment him with my Mototrials riding practice.
He will ride in Mototrials competition in three years time. Its just a natural progression.

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