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Hi Guys,I ve not been posting lately because Aris is doing all the updating of his progress in biketrials in this forum.
I can see lots of potential in this sport in our country. We have been travelling around with the family during our free time and Aris doing his own promotion by practicing in public spots(some form of indirect roadshows)to further introduce the sport to the public.
Biketrials is an offshoot of moto trials. Ot Pi is a descendant of the Pi family who established Montessa, a motorcycle brand in Spain which specialized in moto trials. When Ot Pi was a small kid his father designed a bicycle which originated from BMX for him to practice on before he could progress to moto trials riding. He never progressed to moto trials but instead continued to ride biketrials and became world champion many times.His bike brand is Monty which came from the word Montessa.The motorcycle company was since sold to Japanese Honda who keeps the name Montessa and still runs in the Moto Trials World Championship series.

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Comment by Jack on December 29, 2009 at 9:08pm

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