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Bringing Observed Trials to Malaysia

Is it time for BikeTrial to be main stream in Malaysia?

If it was up to me, then I would answer, "its about time" LOL...

Firstly, anyone wanting to start out bike trials in Malaysia would find it hard to see or purchase a trial specific bike. Personally, I have scoured all the bike shops in the Klang Valley to no avail. The problem was further perpetuated by the fact that almost none of the shop owners know about bike trials and kept getting confused with "trails"!

Anyway, since my odyssey began, I have managed to find some bikers, whom are really into trials, most notably, Syarul Nizam (I can say that he is the most experienced Malaysian trial biker). I have also made new friends with some Singaporean bike trial veterans (Ben, Walton, Armstrong, Hor Fun, Peng and Spencer), whom are ever so helpful in sharing their experiences and knowledge.

I started learning biketrials August 2007. Like every noobs, I am still struggling with the trial basics (track-stands, rocking and hopping). I post my trial progress on my blog at

I really hope that there will be enough bikers out there to make Mountain BikeTrials or Observed trials a mainstream cycling sports in Malaysia for all to enjoy.

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