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Bringing Observed Trials to Malaysia

Dear Friends,

This year again I am trying to make history for Malaysia and myself known internationally where BikeTrial does exist here in Malaysia. I met Mr. Walton (BikeTrial President of Singapore) in Singapore where we discussed about how to go about on having a simple BikeTrial competition here in Malaysia.

As we discussed, I got to know that in Philippines, they do have BikeTrial riders and they have just started. The thing is, even though they are new, their progress of riding skills are faster because they have a lot of location to practice and to ride around. Same case in Malaysia but we have a few riders only which is scattered everywhere. To fix this problem is that we need to introduce BikeTrial in Malaysia.

In the meeting, Mr. Walton mentioned to me that this coming week (2nd - 4th May), he will be in Shanghai where he has been invited by the organizer of BIU 2008 JIN MAO WORLD BIKETRIAL MASTER CUP. The happy news that I would like to share with all of the riders here in Malaysia is that I managed to get an invitation with the help of Mr. Walton.

My trip to Shanghai is to meet with the Pro Riders as well as the President of BIU which would be Mr. Hiroshi Hirano. I met Mr. Hiroshi Hirano back in 2006 during my first competition held in Sentosa Island, Singapore. He is one friendly person to talked to and helped me a lot during the competition :). My aim is to bring these people to our beautiful country where we want them to help me out to introduce BikeTrial in Malaysia.

Today, I am getting my visa at 4.30pm at OSK Plaza, KL and head back home. My flight will be on thursday night at 8.00 from KLIA.

Again I really thank to the organizers for giving me the opportunity to be there during the event and to see world class riders from all over the world perform their stuff in Shanghai.

A lot of thank you to Mr. Walton! I have no idea how to thank him anymore because throughout the proses of BikeTrial learning, he has been there to advise, to guide, to facilitate in all manners. Not to forget to Nelwin and also Han!! They are really professionals in this sport and I respect them a lot!

I will try to update daily during my trip to Shanghai and post up a few pictures along the way.

This is for Malaysia and thanks for the help from BikeTrial Singapore!

+ for more info you can check out this website about the competition +

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Comment by edi s. mulyanta on June 13, 2008 at 3:38pm
Nice event....I would like to know about trials riders in Malaysia
Comment by Jack on April 30, 2008 at 2:21pm
Whoah! I just checked out the photographs of the sections in the BIU 2008 JIN MAO WORLD BIKETRIAL MASTER CUP website.


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