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All the Bruise and Blood in Training Paying Off?

After setting up the wooden pallets I had gotten from the Seremban Bike Trial event, I have been practicing and trying very hard to ride the mock sections I had constructed. What I realised was that track-stand and balancing are the ultimate basic skills to master before attempting this.…


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It is good to be back on BikeTrial again!

Last Saturday (21st June) , Syarul and I went down to Singapore to watch the Singapore National BikeTrial Round 2 Competition. It was held in Pasir Ris City Park on the eastern side of the island. Both of us were invited to participate in the competition by Walton, the President of BikeTrial Asia Union/BikeTrial Singapore Union.

I was totally not prepared and was in no condition to join. Syarul joined and he did quite well... :-) I will post more about our adventures in Singapore…


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Red Bull Sponsored BikeTrial in Seremban, Negri Sembilan

Last Saturday (14th June), there was a youth and sport event in Komplek Belia dan Sukan (Youth & Sports Complex) in Seremban, Negri Sembilan. The event was organised by the Negri Sembilan State Government.

There were a lot of booths showcasing youth related sports activities and career oriented opportunities. Some VIPs were there to give their important two bits on youth culture et al. The RM95 million spaceman of Malaysia was also there to inspire the youths to shoot for the…


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Out of Trial

Its been more than a week now and I have not touch my trial bike... :-(

I should not have gone riding to Kiara last Saturday knowing full well that my left arm pulled a muscle while training trial. The fact that I used a rigid fork made it worse. My arms acted as absorbers and it was no fun especially going fast downhill. Now it is worse. Each time I tried to grip the handle bar, the muscles near the elbow acted up and when I exerted a pull, I received a sharp pain.…


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Finally Back Home

Dear Friends,

I just got back in Malaysia last night around 8pm. The trip to Shanghai gave me a lot of input on BikeTrial events and also the business behind it. Later tonight I will upload the pictures as well as the videos that I have taken in Shanghai.

At the same time its good to be back home :)

Added by Syarul Nizam Shariff on May 6, 2008 at 2:55pm — 1 Comment

1 Day left to Shanghai (30th April 2008)

Dear Friends,

This year again I am trying to make history for Malaysia and myself known internationally where BikeTrial does exist here in Malaysia. I met Mr. Walton (BikeTrial President of Singapore) in Singapore where we discussed about how to go about on having a simple BikeTrial competition here in Malaysia.

As we discussed, I got to know that in Philippines, they do have BikeTrial riders and they have just started. The thing is, even though they are new, their… Continue

Added by Syarul Nizam Shariff on April 30, 2008 at 12:34pm — 2 Comments

Mysterious Tire Puncture

It has been two weeks since I last practiced and rode my trial bike. I have been very busy with work and the chores of family.

Last Saturday, I managed to go on a hash with a couple of friends to FRIM on my old hard tail.

While I was getting my hard tail for the hash, I noticed that the rear wheel of my trial bike had a puncture again. (I parked the bikes side by side.) Where did that come from? Two weeks of no riding and I get a puncture? This is the second time this…


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I wanna start biketrial, so do I need a trial specific bike?

"I wanna start biketrial, so do I need a trial specific bike?" I have been asked that question quite a few times.

Well, if you ask me that question now, the answer would have to be a resounding "no".

But if you were to ask me that question 2 months ago, I would have to say "yes". The reason being the fact that when you have never ever ridden a trial bike before, you do not know what it feels like, and you would probably attribute some mythical ability to the trial…


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Is it time for BikeTrial to be main stream in Malaysia?

If it was up to me, then I would answer, "its about time" LOL...

Firstly, anyone wanting to start out bike trials in Malaysia would find it hard to see or purchase a trial specific bike. Personally, I have scoured all the bike shops in the Klang Valley to no avail. The problem was further perpetuated by the fact that almost none of the shop owners know about bike trials and kept getting confused with "trails"!

Anyway, since my odyssey began, I have managed to find some…


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