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Setting Up a Semi-permanent Place for BikeTrials Training

For the longest time, I have been repetitively watching a lot of competition videos from and one of my favourites was the Bar-H Bash Competition, where they rode man-made sections. That gave me the idea and the yearning to want to set up a mock section similar to that at home.

And so I began collecting wooden pallets, starting with those, which I took from the BikeTrials demo by Walton, Ben and Nelwin; organised by Syarul. I…


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The master has finally come.[Yaabaa 649]

In the morning, it was a shine and bright day. Suddenly, my dad called me on my phone that the master has finally come. Then I feel so excited and my heart beeping fast! I am so rushed to ride the bike. lol..

Firstly,my dad called me to help a person who taking the master to my house when my dad still busy working. With my street bike, i went there and gave guide to him. Until then,after placing a big box inside my house,the person who delivered just go. Without wasting time, I… Continue

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10 Reasons To Start BikeTrials

It has been more than a year since I started taking an interest in BikeTrials. Personally, I know of less than 10 persons in Malaysia, whom are interested in BikeTrials, and even less if I count those who ride trials. BikeTrials has been around for so many years the World over.

It is also a cycling sport that is sanctioned by UCI (International Cycling Union). Our neighbours bordering us, Singapore and Thailand, have a much bigger BikeTrial following, with Singapore leading the…


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Fraser's hill is a great place for trial bike rider..too!

I and my family with my aunt's family went to Fraser's Hill in the holiday of March for two days. We went there at 6.45pm with all packed properly including mine,my father and my bro's trials bike. After that, we were happily going to the place. I can't wait to ride trials there.. when half journey to Fraser's Hill, we stop at Gambang's stall to eat. We eat fried rice and vegetables..Lol. I know I am lame. =D

It was a very tired journey to the hill,it was very far from my… Continue

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Causes when lazy to wear protection.

On 25/3/09, when I woke up around 6.30pm. I went out my house and started practicing trials with my dad when my dad came back from his work. I was practicing hook in front for mastering hook up. That day, I did not wear protection at all included helmet..i was blur

It is not a good day for me when i suddenly slipped my leg down and the caged pedal of my little bro's bike,monty 219 instanly scratched my shin and injured when doing hook in front. The pedal is very sharp until… Continue

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Of Stems and Derailleur Hanger

When Sean and I first bought our Echo Pure trial bikes back in Mar 2008, the stems on the bikes were only temporary ones on loan to us, as ours had not arrived yet.

A couple of months later, the new stems arrived in Singapore but we could not picked them up. When Syarul was in Singapore last December for the 4th round of the Singapore National BikeTrial competition,…


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Practice, Train, Practice

Yesterday... I practiced, trained and practiced.

Sorry video is only available at the other blog... :-)


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How To Prevent Hand Blister When Riding BikeTrials

I have been having major blister problems on the palms of my hands whenever I ride. I have sweaty palms and wearing gloves does not help.

Normally, after about 20 minutes of riding, my gloves would be soaked with sweat and the skin on my palms would be soft and wrinkled. That's when the hardened skin of the blisters would get soft and the new blister which had formed underneath the old one would get irritated. The constant chafing made it worse and the irritation gets pretty…


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