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Hi guys. It's been years since I posted here. I don't have a trials bike now but somehow this sport is such a turn on and I keep wanting to do it again. If I do get back on it, it probably would be a 26" stock. Any 2nd hand ones out there?

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Yo bro...

LOL.. really... you back it?? A friend is selling his 26" - He wants to get a 20"... LOL. Also, I have a 24" if you interested... :-)

Hi Jack,

Yeah, very tempted to start again, Hopefully my wrist holds up. But I haven't made the commitment to do it yet as I'm still wondering if I will have the time to be on on on. I'm still at the thinking stage.

If I meet you, I'm sure I'd get POISONED tho.. hahaha!

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