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PLS HELP ME! Where to buy trial bikes in singapore

Hi. im new to trial biking and im looking for a stock trial bike(with seat) in sigapore. Can anyone recomend me any shops? and where can i find inspired bikes ??

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Inspired bikes are 24 inch, so they are not allowed to enter a competition. But attitudebikes can help you order an inspired frame and help you build it up. If you want a 26 inch bike with a seat, dirt jump bikes or a street trials bike: like this could be fit up with 26 inch wheels to enter a competition. You can also get the frame: and a try all 26 inch bike kit: to build up a full bike. Hope it helps!
wow. thx a lot. it really helps. btw are all these avaliable at attitudebikes?? and do i hav 2 place an order before or they already have these stock
If im not wrong, the street bike i previously montioned is not avaliable in Singapore, and only avaliable on tartybikes. I think if you want to bulid up an inspired or any other bike, you should call Walton at 81124923 as attitudebikes is the sole importer of inspired frames in asia. He will explain more to you. The last time i went to attitudebikes i saw an inspired full bike hanging on the displays for sale. I think.
Oh, ok thx a lot
nonsense. 24 inch can compet in BIU competitions since onwards 2008.
Anyone riding a 24" trial bike in Singapore yet? Hmmm... the weight would be lighter than 26" and will be able to roll over obstacles better than the 20". Interesting... LOL.
Singapore competition can meh?
Hi pals. BIU is an inter-nation biketrials union and we strictly follow the rules closely. No matter which country u r in. the rules willl never be modify in anyways. Well, i personally feels that due to the biketrials market in the world, there r people many who rides street-trials too. And by opening the 24inch rules in BIU, we r actually expending this sports and opening up to more manufacturers to invest into trials market and even more street trials rides to join in competitions. When the 24inch issues, the other issues happening at the very same time will be the single speed issues for 26inch bike to join compettion. Back then when i was small boy. 26inch single speed trials bikes r forbidden to join. Right now u may only see single speed 26inch trial bikes.... these are the changes n revolutions happening in this sports. ( afterall trials is about using any bicycle to try several creative ways to challenge your limitation against obstacles ) Trials, i started with BMX and than 9 speed mountain bike... hahahaha those times are hard days for me as technologies are an obstacles itself.

We ourselves should never draw lines between any other different bikes. You will never know 1 day, your BMX or mountain bikes pals r just like me?

Happy riding bros :)
Oh ok thanks for the info.
Oh.. and im looking for a 24" or 26" bike. can anyone recomend me?? what is most suitable for beginners?

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