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I'm needing a little bit of advice here.
First my back ground: Rode and raced mountain bikes since 1994. I've stopped racing for many years now but I like riding more aggressive all mountain now. But lately have less time driving to the trails and so I've been thinking of trials as I can just have fun outside my house.

I've done my home work on the internet and it seems like mod is a good place to start. I was very much wanting a stock as I ride mtn bikes and that I can transfer the skills learnt and apply it on the mountain trails. But it sure looks like mod is the way to go for a beginner and I'm quite it's a good place to start.

I've found a new Monty 219 Kamel and I'm set on it. I understand that this is a good frame to start with but... Are there anything more I should be aware off before purchasing?

Are there 2nd hand bikes out there for sale? Just as in other bike category, there is better value in 2nd hand bikes if you know what you're doing....I sure don't. This is such a niche sport its difficult to find anybody to chat with on this.

I'm 39 this year (if that matters) and I live in Shah Alam.

Thanks, Andy.

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Unfortunately my wrist is in real bad condition even on short rides.. I believe that it's got to do with me fracturing it years ago. I've decided that I will sell the Monty 219. ARGGHH!

It would be great if you could let me know if there is a rider who wants it. Appreciate it and we should meet up one of these days. Cheers!
Ouch! Sorry to hear that.

To sell your Monty 219, it would help to post up the specs like, disc or rim brakes, Magura or others, pedals, stem, etc. If not, to make it real simple, you can post up a photo of the bike and a price you are looking to get for it. In the meantime, if anyone wants a trial bike, I will direct them to you.



Yo Jack,

I'm glad I haven't sold my Monty. It's a good thing to be lazy sometimes. I'm going to try playing around with it with the little time I have right now as I just had my little daughter 3 months ago.And hope that my wrist issues would stay away.


So it's time to evict those spiders living in my bike and go practice the 'zero' skills that I have. I would still like to meet up sometime for pointers.



Hi Andy... congrats on your new born :-) Good to hear that you are getting back on. I am waiting to hopefully get a 20" bike by next month. Need to get back in shape... LOL. I will text you to meet up later.





Hi Andy! 


Congrats on your new princess in the family :) No pain no gain they say when it comes to trials riding :)

Thanks guys...cheers!

Just for the fun of reviving this thread. It was 3 years ago that I bought the Monty Kamel and then sold it to non other than the man here, How's the Monty doing?

And now I'm back dreaming of trials again. This time thinking of a 26" stock but really just thinking about it ...hehehe!

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