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I just discovered how to bunny hop damn high:

When approaching (anything thats bunny-hoppable up e.g stairs), pull up the front wheel as high as you can or like you r gonna manual or smth then get the FRONT wheel up the curd first, then the rear wheel. If you cant get the rear wheel up first, just land on the dront wheel and the do a stoopie. Works for me. I managed to bunny hop up a curd thats abt half metre high using that method. :)

Hope it helps :)

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cool! thanks for the info! lets try it guys!
I also found out a way to gap quite far (in theory lar i never really tried out.)

Anyways when your gonna gap, just pull up the frount wheel like your gonna manual(again...) than try get the feeling that your gonna fall back then pull the rear wheel up like a bunny hop than push the rear wheel out( like lift the rear wheel up like most elite riders do) to gap the furthest. I dont like the gapping then land on the front wheel cos im scared will miss or the floor slippery than slip than knock my head..:) so im trying to learn this theory soon. :) Hope it helps :):):)
When you say gap, what do you mean? Is it getting on the rear wheel stand/hop and then "gap" over to the other side of a curb for example? If yes... then I have not try this... have not reach that standard yet... too scare to try... LOL. I have this phobia of falling backwards... yikes! Had some bad experience. Now I am very paranoid about the performance of the rear rim brakes... heheh.
Its when your moving, than pulling up the front wheel to gap. Well, i tried this yesterday( the rain just stopped) and the rear wheel flew out....luckily i landed in a grass patch.....i think it works though!
Ouch!!! Just thinking about it gives me the goose bump!! Take care dood!
tried it yesterday, worked perfectly on small gaps. I almost overshot thou. Works damn well
eat more frog legs
Hahaha... If only that were true... I would be jumping to the moon... LOL.

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