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I am interest to try play trial bike. But when I check the price, woo...very e xpensive (same buy a new motorcycle). So I want to try to build from other old bicycle. So please other friends help me how the size or others. Thanks for your helps
Best Regards,

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Hi Bernard,

Yeah, I know what you mean... LOL. The good thing is that you can start with a cross-country or a freeride bike with a small size (13" or less) frame. I suggest to go as light in weight as possible.

If possible, the BB (bottom bracket) at 0.0mm or higher for clearance (but may not be critical to your beginning training). As for rims and tires, at this beginning training stage, it is not really critical. The most important thing at this stage is to choose a small and light weight frame.

Btw, where are you in Indonesia? I will be in Jakarta in Dec.


Ok thks Jack. Next in Dec when you will be in Jakarta please you call me. Maybe I can see and talk a lot with you. My HP: 081513039717 / Home: 021-54395004. I live near Jakarta International Airport (Soekarno Hatta).

I have already check all bike shop in Jakarta, they did not sell trial bike. So if I import/buy from Singapore, I afraid to pay tax too expensive and shipping.

Than I decide to build my self. I want buy an o ld race bike than try to change become trial bike, because the frame is light.

Ok btw thks your information

Hi Bernard,
Got it. I will give you a call when I am in Jakarta, probably between Dec 5th to the 10th. Yet to confirm the dates. Will probably be staying around Jalan Sudirman area... :-) I will surely call you.

With regards to the trial bike, you can also choose to start with a trial bike frame only and proceed from there... BUT you have to know what you are doing though... or you will waste a lot of time and money... :-)

I have tried learning on 26" and 20". I must say that learning on the 20" is very much easier. Then again, I am still a newbie in trials.

I just came back from Singapore. I was there to watch the final round of the Singapore National BikeTrial competition. I will post the photos and videos soon.. :-)


oh ya btw do you speak malay ?
I am interest with trial bike because I want to teach my 2 son ( 15 & 11) for trial bike. As your experience, do you have video or photo how to learn first time for trial bike ? How max weight to use trial bike ? Because I am 80 kg.
Than how many kg for 26" and 20" ? (ready to use). Do you ever think to build a trial bike by yourself from other part of bicycle ?
Thks , and sorry if I have a lot questions to you.
Best Regards
Yeah... I do speak a little Malay. Boleh tahan sikit... :-)

Here is a blog post that may be able to help you get started on what to learn first.

Most trial bikes are around 10kg. I started off with a normal cross-country bike, which weighs about 15kg.

After I learned the three basic skills (track-stand, pivoting and hopping), I decided that I wanted to pursue BikeTrial further. And so I went looking for trial bikes. And after much searching... I bought an Echo Pure 26"... :-)

Very recently, I have bought a Monty 20". From my beginner perspective, I have come to appreciate the 20" more as I get to learn trials skill a bit faster... but then again... I have only ridden the 20" a couple of times only, as I am still recovering from a strained elbow (over exercise... LOL).

In my opinion, I think your two sons are at a good age to go into trials. Although some say that for a professional career in trials, they have started kids at age 5 (especially the Japaneses and Taiwanese, and probably others too... LOL).

Since I started trial only recently and very late in life (age 45), I really envy the energy and builds that the young body possesses to take this sport on... LOL.

Your sons will pick up BikeTrials in no time all... :-)

Btw... weight is not an issue... I am more than 80kg... :-)
Hi Jack
I want to ask you about:
1. The tire. Could you explain to me for the tire ? What type they use ?
2. The Hub. What is the type for front and rear ?
3. The Crankset. What size freewheel for front and rear ?
Thks for you help
1. The tire. Could you explain to me for the tire ? What type they use ?
This can be any tire brands (Monty, Maxxis or Kenda, etc.). For 26 inches rims, 2.35 inches tire is the defacto size.

2. The Hub. What is the type for front and rear ?
Can be any hub.

3. The Crankset. What size freewheel for front and rear?
So many choices... LOL. It can be anything, depending on your objective (urban trial, xc or just solid trials). The general guideline is to keep it as light as possible.

The most important element is to ensure that you get very good brakes. You will want to have brakes that sticks!
Hi Jack
I want to ask you about the sound from the trial bike when it jump or action. Where it sound come from ?
That would be the brakes! In BikeTrial, good brakes play a critical role. You will be using the brakes almost 90% of the time, especially during training... :-)
Hello Bernard, i saw u asking about freewheel sizes. For 20" bikes we usually run a 18T freewheel in the front and a 12T sproket (Cog) on the rear hub. 26" bikes also run a 18T freewheel infront, the only difference is that they use a 15T sproket on the rear hub. Hope this helps :)

Hi Bernard,

This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask Benjamin any questions on biketrials... :-) Ben is currently ranked number 1 in Singapore... no one more qualified than that to help out. Btw, he is also one of the friendliest guy I know... LOL.


Hi Ben
I happy for your info. Other I want to ask you about the rim. Why in the rim, they make many holes ? What is it for ?

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